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Groz-Beckert San 5.2 Needles

Groz-Beckert San 5.2 Needles
Groz Beckert San 5.2 double grooved needles are recommended to be the best for sewing Makrolon®. Although diamond tip needles are capable of sewing through polycarbonate, they may abrade the weave of the fabric more than tripoints. A more roundly pointed needle will move between fabric fibers versus physically cutting the weave which may eventually cause the fabric to fray. Read more...


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Marine -> Marine Vinyl Coat

Sem Tac Free

Tac Free is a flexible satin top coat used to eliminate plasticizer migration on coated surfaces.

Eliminates tackiness on refinished vinyl

Wet on wet application saves time

Protective coating

Resistant to alcohol based cleaners 

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